“Sure...I could Tell You How To Build A List, How To Create A Product, How To Write Emails That Sell, How to Setup OTO's & Back-Ends & How To Setup A Sales Funnel But... Wouldn't It Just Be EASIER, Faster & More Convenient Not To Mention Profitable If Everything Was ALL DONE For You?”

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"If you need everything done, Aaron is the man to go to"

Wow! If you need everything done, Aaron is the man to go to fast turn around, and he answer your questions, if you have problems! - Dennis Skatt

"been looking all over for a custom sales funnel like this"

I've been looking all over for a custom sales funnel like this...wow you have really out done your self on this one. Looks amazing compared to similar offers I have came across lately. Gonna Grab this one. - Joseph Latham

"Holy Cow! Talk about OVER-DELIVERING!"

When Aaron says "Everything Done for You" he means EVERYTHING! I now have my very own fully automated website setup to create a HUGE list and sales. The attention to detail is AMAZING! Nothing seems to have been left out. The package covers virtually every possible item that could be needed when creating a powerful sales page or optin page. - Phil G

"amazed by the quantity and quality"

Has anyone any idea of how much work Aaron Danker puts in to this offer? I was amazed by the quantity and quality of his work in setting up what I hope is going to be a very profitable business for me. In terms of value for money, it would be hard to imagine anyone coming up with a better deal than this! - Keith Darby

"i was a bit skeptical"

To start with i was a bit skeptical about throwing out $197 and handing over my personal details, but i quickly forgot about that. The funnel is huge and i know for a fact if you were to do it yourself it would cost a lot more than what he charges not to mention the time spent putting it together. I got it setup in about two days and i am truly impressed. Everything is setup, there is literally nothing to do except drive traffic at it - Mark Barrett

"WOW! That is all I can say as I am speechless."

One of my goals was to create or find a sales funnel that I can start promoting and I can honestly say that goal has already been reached. Aaron has thought of everything from great quality graphics to the well written sales page, you name it it is in this package. And for this price it is a steal! - Jeff G

"You received a payment of $17.00 USD from..."

Today is Saturday the 29th. Aaron had this set up and traffic ready on Thursday the 27th. Less than 2 days and I have received 3 of the following notifications from PayPal: 'You received a payment of $17.00 USD from...' Are there any words that would describe the service Aaron provides better than the words from PayPal? I don't think so. - Marie Cruz

For the first time you can have you very own automated list-building, traffic getting, sales generating system personalized, configured, and uploaded for you starting today!

...Without Having To Go Through The Painstaking Hassle Of Doing It Yourself!

Here's what this powerful installation includes...

High quality ever-green product installed on your server for you! (one of my best selling products, you now own licensing rights to it and we'll even install it for you!)
Professionally setup, ready to collect payments for you! - no need to edit any HTML/PHP yourself!
Includes high-converting squeeze page designed to suck in fresh leads every day!
Includes 60+ personally-written emails that pre-sell, educate and promote non-stop! All these powerful emails are spread out over several months to keep sales coming in! (even when you don't feel like promoting anything!)
All emails are cleanly formatted and don't have silly jagged edges making you look like you like a true expert!
Includes user-friendly give-away reports branded with your ClickBank and JVZoo links! - (you will have your readers actively sharing this resource passing your affiliate links around!)
Includes instant up-sell and down-sell feature linked directly to your PayPal account! Build your list and make money at the same time!
Your own instant-payout affiliate program to encourage your own subscribers to promote your free resource! This alone will stuff even more subscribers into your list!
Traffic workshop included to help you promote your system as soon as it's ready! (you can even start promoting your link now to get the traffic flowing!)
Full instructions and links of your system! Great when you need to get your download links for your customers, or want to jog your memory on what's happening behind the scenes!

the problem with this whole 'Internet Marketing' business 'Thingy-ma-jig'....

Everyone wants to make money online but they want it fast and 'now' without fully understand what they must do. The barrier is too low and most will fail before they've even started because they have no idea of what they're really getting themselves into!
There are too many things to learn, and too little time to learn them all. There are only 24 little hours in the day and most of that is spent sleeping or owing it to others which leaves little to actually DO anything.
There are so many business models to learn about and potentially make money with. You'd like to test the one which is right for you but there simply isn't enough time at this moment and real life money problems are starting to kick in.
You've read countless of eBooks or watch videos that tell you what to do but NOT exactly how to do it. You can understand the theory behind it however practical application is another matter altogether.
There are numerous systems that need to be in place BEFORE you can even promote a site. These 'systems' require time, practice and dedication. A luxury that not everyone has.
Mistakes are OK to make, however the more you make, the more expensive your business becomes. If you're not recuperating from what you've learned your business is going downhill.

...and so the list continues

Why Choose A 'Hand's-Free' Install Service?

Instead of spending all that time reading, experimenting, testing and spending why not just model off a system that is already a proven winner? Why not have the system in front of you, watch it make money for you, and then model off it so you can work with 100% certainty?

This is what Super Sales Machine™ is all about. It's more than just a 'service' for lazy people. It's a business model you can own and model off so you'll know exactly what to do in the future.

Look at it this way. If you created your own site, your own product and send traffic to it in the hope of selling something but didn't, you'd have to keep tweaking and adjusting your site until it made money for you.

If however you had a finished system setup on your server, you sent traffic to it and saw 'notification on an instant payment' hitting your inbox, you'll start to inspect it and understand how it works.

It's like being a detective and working backwards to trace your steps rather than looking for clues and going in all directions trying to find an answer. Instead the answer is already here and you just need to trace it back.

Introducing... Super Sales Machine™

Your Complete List-Building Sales And Affiliate System In One! Just Add Traffic And You're Good To Go!

Super Sales Machine™ is a complete system ready to be put on your server. All the systems are in place to help you build your list, up-sell offers, down-sell passes, hand out free gifts, promote your own line of hot selling products, cross-sell affiliate products and independently promote affiliate products via email without you intervening.

Take a closer look at how the system works...

Let Me Walk You Through The Super Sales Machine Blueprint In 10 Easy Steps!

1. Traffic is sent to your squeeze page. Your squeeze page is installed in a root domain. So for example if your domain was 'yourdomain.com' the first thing a visitor will see is your squeeze page.
2. Your squeeze page asks the visitors to fill in a form and to enter their name and email. In exchange you provide them with free content related to what they're looking for.
3.a) You provide an special offer for your subscriber. This can be a premium version of what you just gave away. For example if you're giving away an eBook on 'how to create quality mini-site graphics on a shoe-string budget', your offer could be for 100 header banners for different niches. This can be sold for reasonable price of $10-$27. If someone has subscribed for an eBook on how to create graphics, it's reasonable that they'll willing to spent a little to have things done for them.
3.b) If your subscriber didn't buy, you offer a down-sell (a cheaper version of the previous offer). In this example instead of selling 100 header graphics, you could sell 50 for half the price. You could add another component to the offer to make it even more irresistable. Either way, your offer is there to monetize new subscribers.
4. Your subscriber is then taken to the download page for their free content. If they bought any of your previous offers they're taken to the respective pages.
5. Now your subscriber is confirmed and on your Aweber list. When people say 'build a list', 'the money is in the list' this is what they mean. In my mind, money has already been made and you've already shown them a pleasant transaction. Your auto-responder can take over from here and you'll have the ability to send out broadcast emails on demand to any URL you want.
6. You now encourage your new subscriber to promote your website by offering them a high commission rate when they generate a sale through your up-sell and down-sell. Most affiliate programs offer 50-75% commission, but to take it to the next level you should offer 100% commission paid instantly. This is a real driving factor for any affiliate. This in turn leads to affiliates (your new subscribers) promoting your squeeze page and sending traffic your way. Any sales made go straight to the affiliate, however they're delivering traffic to you without your input. (Key factor).
7. Your new subscribers will automatically receive emails starting from day one. Not every email has to be a promotion. Some will contain useful 'how-to' info, some will contain opinions and advice from yourself, and others will be promoting your products. You need to space your emails in your auto-responder about 4-7 days apart so that they're consisent but not irritating. Imaging receiving an email every day from the same person?... You'd probably unsubscribe!
8. When you promote an offer, you should be offering up-sells as soon as possible. For example, if a subscriber joins your list and then decides to buy a product of yours, you could offer a Resell Rights license to your product for an extra fee. This way you're catering to your subscriber's needs whilst maximizing your profits.
9. In this example, email #6 is an affiliate promotion. Instead of sending your subscriber to one of your products, this time you'll be getting them to click on your affiliate link. If they purchase you make a commission. Having a list of subscribers allows you to both sell your own products and recommend other's as an affiliate. You can see why 'the money is in the list'.
10. The other powerful feature of list building is your ability to send out emails to everyone whenever you want. If a new piece of software was released and you wanted to recommend it to your subscribers as an affiliate, you could write a quite email, explain the situation and then mail it. Broadcast emails tend to bring in hordes of sales within a short space of time.

This is the system in a nutshell. There are more details we can go into like copy-writing, design and layout, tracking, what initial up-sells to provide, what prices to set your up-sells, how to set up an affiliate program, where to get free content etc. etc. but to give you an overall view of the system, this is it. It has served me well and will continue to do so for as long as the internet in around.

And don't worry, the whole point is not for you to learn every single detail - but to know that it can be ALL setup for you so you only have to focus on getting traffic to the starting point!

Here's An In-Depth Look At Your List-Building Sales Funnel System Designed To Suck In Fresh Targeted Leads!

List building is probably the single most important aspect of generating income online. Without it, internet marketing would generally be a lot harder which is why we place a lot of emphasis on building solid squeeze pages that generate killer conversions rates every time! Take a look in detail at JUST the sign up system we have ready and prepared for you to use.

Step #1: Squeeze page - This is where you'll be sending traffic to. You'll be offering free gifts (in this case reading material) in exchange for your visitor's name and email. There are mechanisms in place like above-the-fold sign form, eye-catchy arrows guiding the visitor, attention grabbing headline, not to mention fantastic graphics that'll make a huge first impression.
Step #2: Special offer - This is your offer put in place to monetize new subscribers. This may very well be the last time they see your website, so now it a good time to make a sale. Here you'll be offering Master Resell Rights to the eBooks they just signed up for. This allows them to start making money with the products by selling them to their own customers.
Step #3: Down-sell - For those who don't purchase right away, there is a down-sell in place which is a 'lighter' version of the previous offer. If the previous price was too high, or the amount of content provided was too much, your down-sell is there to offer a more suitable package.
Step #4: Confirmation page - Aweber by default requires your subscribers to confirm that they subscribed to your list. This is a good thing because it'll deter visitops from entering false information in your system. The last thing you need is a mailing list of false freebie seekers! The confirm page also contains a link to free video training (through your affiliate link) whilst they're waiting. This is your chance to pick up your first recurring commission sale!
Step #5: Download page - This contains all the report you promised your visitor on your squeeze page. If they purchased any of your offers, you will be providing the links for them accordingly. The download page is dynamically adjusted depending on what the visitor bought. Your subscriber is also reminded about the other offers they were shown previously. Sometimes it's necessary for multiple visits to an offer just so they can take their time and read the sales letter!
Step #6: Cross-sell - Your new subscribers are now encouraged to check out other offers. This allows you to generated recurring commission on quality membership products without having to do any more work. Make a sale once, get paid month after month. We've set up the system to only recommend a couple of products. We've found in the past that promoting too many links can deter visitors so we focus only on the best products that will bring in the most income long term.
Step #7: Affiliate program - Your subscriber is now encouraged to join your affiliate program. This works by paying them 100% commission instantly into their PayPal account if they make a sale of your special offer or down-sell. Why do this? Because PayPal is the most popular form of payment online and the majority of online users will have a PayPal account. This allows them to start promoting your site straight away without having to sign up to anything, or wait for checks to be delivered or to pass a threashold of sales. This not only builds your list for you automatically, but sends traffic to your recommended offers on complete auto-pilot where you have to potential to earn a recurring monthly income. It's a small sacrifice with huge back-end rewards.
Step #8: PDF Resources - Your new subscriber has just experienced a series of transactions with you - from signing up, to being presented a couple of offers, to being taken to the download page, shown your recommendations as well as your 100% instant pay affiliate program. By now they should have the PDF downloaded to their computer for reading. The PDF is an introduction to the world of online marketing and focuses on a few business models such as affiliate marketing and product creation. This helps keep them focused and make the recommended offers more suited to what they're learning. If they check out any of these products, and end up buying, you'll earn commission on the sale. This can be anywhere from 50% recurring commission, up to 100% commission paid instantly into your PayPal account. Your report will already be branded with your affiliate links strategically placed thorough the PDF to maximize your profits!

Get Ready For BIG FAT Commissions From The Army Of Products Promoted In Your Back-End Sales Funnel!

Having your own squeeze page system and your own product to sell with in-built affiliate program is just the tip of the ice-berg! The bulk of your income will come from promoting our own line of high-ticket products and recurring memberships!

By yourself, you'd probably have a hard time knowing what to do with your affiliate link, but with our help and our established presence online everything integrated into one neat system, everything is automated and truly 'set and forget!' You're standing on the shoulders of giants so you can develop much faster!

Let's just go through some numbers here so you know what sort of money you can start bringing in!...

1 commission sale of Faster Smarter Better... $13.50/m per member for 12 months ($162 full term).
1 commission sale of Platinum Resell Rights... $13.50/m per member for 24 months ($324 full term).
1 commission sale of a Titanium Upgrade... $148.50
1 commission sale of The PLR Gangster... $13.50/m per member for 12 months ($162 full term).
1 commission sale of List Sprout Lifetime PLR... $73.50
1 commission sale of PLR Titans... $148.50
1 commission sale of My Monthly Membership... $48.50
1 commission sale of Membership Fire Starter... $248.50

Imagine making one single commission sale off each product - that's potentially $1315.50 in your pocket (less merchant fees). All of these offers above have already produced 10s of $1000s in revenue and continue to do so because they provide tremendous value for the customer. Wouldn't you like to become an affiliate of these top products and take your share of the earnings?

Making a single commission sale will cover your setup fee many times over! And that's hardly a comprenshive list of all the products you'll be able to earn from!

We do ALL the work so you're not wasting time Buying the next Shiny Object from Another 'Guru'!

Okay... so here's a step-by-step approach of what we're going to do for you...

1. We personalize the system to match your details - this includes your name on the sales page of every product as well as your support email address on the footer of every page including the download pages of your products and an up-to-date disclaimer on the footer of every page matching your domain name.
2. We create PayPal payment buttons - PayPal buttons are a chore but we our help we can set that up for you. We take your PayPal email address and create two buttons for each product you'll be selling. We create two PayPal buttons for your squeeze page during the up-sell and down-sell process. More payment buttons and more offers means more steams of income for you!
3. We embed your ClickBank IDs into your thank-you pages for cross-sells - confirm pages and 'thank you' pages are prime locations for cross-selling which is where many beginners leave money on the table. With our help we'll strategically place compelling offers that get your visitors and customers clicking and buying!
4. We create a new auto-responder campaign in your aweber account - If you don't know your way around Aweber's auto-responder system or still getting to grips with it, it can be very frustrating. With our help we'll get everything in working order starting with a new auto-responder campaign. This will most likely become your primary income generator!
5. We Customize your confirmation request and redirect to it back to a bonus gift - With Aweber's double opt-in feature subscribers are asked to confirm before they receive any emails from you. To keep your conversions high we add a customized email into the initial sequence which offers another gift just for subscribing. This gets them clicking on the activation link and more importantly gets them on your list!
6. We encode your campaign details into your squeeze page - Creating an auto-responder campaign and adding the opt-in code can be a challenging task especially when you want it to look right. Again we make quick work of this and have a professional looking opt-in in form (better than Aweber's standard templates) ready to build your list!
7. We populate your auto-responder sequence with emails to promote your installed products - Writing promo emails takes real skill and patience to learn. We've written the emails for you and will add them into your new auto-responder sequence so your products are promoted automatically!
8. We Populate your auto-responder sequence with our specialized promo emails - As an extra bonus we add affiliate promo emails to your system so that even after you've sold your products, emails will be sent out for more offers. These are carefully selected, hand-picked products which tie in nicely with the existing products you're selling. Doing this utilizes your auto-responder to it's potential maximizing your earnings!
9. We upload the system to your server - Once the system has been updated and modified with your details, we upload it to your server. You are hosting the reseller sites on your server however the products are hosted on our fast and reliable Amazon servers which means that no matter how much traffic to send into the system, it'll still be able to sustain the pressure rather than having your server crashing!
10. We verify that the system is working - No one likes to be sent to broken links, nor do they like to click on 'buy now' buttons that don't work or get taken to a 404 error page which is why we manually check the system to ensure everything works.
11. We email you when it's done - After we're happy with everything, we send you an email with all the information you need to take charge. This includes the download pages to your products including their access keys, the products you'll be promoting as an affiliate, the download links to the products on the Amazon server and so forth. Although not necessary, we like to ensure you know what's where if you ever needed it!
12. We provide you with traffic training and instructions - Your system is now setup and ready to roll! All you need now is to send traffic to the starting point. To help you with this, you'll be provided online access to training videos so you'll know exactly what to do from here onwards.


Full traffic training now included so you'll know how to bring fresh new leads to your system from day 1

Included with your Super Sales Machine is a complete traffic generation course. You'll be shown the best ways to generate traffic using both free and paid methods. You can pick and choose which ones you want to use.

Here are just some of the tactics you'll be shown...

How to compete and beat the biggest websites online with absolutely no advertising budget!

My secret system and process for generating targeted traffic to your website within 24 hours!

Proven SEO strategies that only the most seasoned SEO professionals are aware of.

My list of special websites that you should be using to drive massive traffic, and how to leverage them for massive online traffic.

One viral marketing strategy very few marketers even use and how you can tap into this for massive traffic.

A strategy that most people associate with promoting an offline business, but if you actually take this method online the results are amazing for increasing your traffic!

How to properly repurpose your content to create a massive influx of cash-in-hand website visitors nearly begging to become your next customer.

The process for using a secret website to find and gain massive back links from up and coming powerful websites.

A simple 5 minute strategy for creating an effective online video that will pull website visitors to your site like a magnet.

Plus much, much more!

By the time you get done with this course you'll know exactly how to get tons of free traffic to any website you want. From content sites, blogs, squeeze pages, MLM signup pages, AdSense sites, affiliate review sites... whatever the site you'll know how to get traffic to it.

The entire workshop is all video based, so you'll be watching what to do instead of just being told what to do like most people do in those ebooks that they try to sell you.

Why bother learning everything from scratch when you can take a shortcut?

You see, with a system in place like the one we can install for you, you won't need to mess around with HTML, Photoshop, FTP, copywriting, product creation, split-testing, conversions, creating payment buttons, setting prices, redirecting to your download page, optimizing your download page for cross-sells, creating a squeeze page, creating an auto-responder campaign, writing emails to convince subscribers to buy your products or any thing else that falls in this category.

You leave it all to us to do. Once it's set up, it's there for good and all you'll have to do is send traffic the system. That's it! And when you start making money with the system, you can even outsource your traffic so you won't even have to promote the system yourself!

I could tell you all about the importance of list building, creating a squeeze page, creating your own products, how to set up resell rights products as so on... but wouldn't it be simpler, smarter and more convenient to have this all under your belt already so you have a site ready to promote and start making money for you from day 1? You know the benefits of having everything done for you. I don't need to rattle on any further. All that's left is for you to make a decision - continue struggling and trying to do everything yourself, or pay a small fee and have EVERYTHING set up for you the pro way.

What Are The Minimum Requirements
/ What Details Will I Need To Have Ready?

1. Web hosting - you'll need hosting to host your website. Despite what you may have read in courses about 'parasite' hosting, having your own server shows your professionalism. You'll be able to register your own .com domain, email address to your domain, even brand products and logos to your domain. This is why we recommend your own independant hosting that you control from the start.
2. An new or existing domain name - this is where your system will be installed with your squeeze page at the root of this domain and your products in sub-directories. We recommend that you get a memorable, easy-to-type short domain with a .com extension.
3. Your domain name pointed to your server as an addon - you will need to connect your domain name to your server so that it registers when your domain it typed into the URL browser. Don't worry if you don't know how to do this as we can do it for you.
4. Your hosting IP, login username and password - this is so we can access your server and upload the system to your site. We do not store these details and you can create a temporary password and username if necessary.
5. An account with Aweber - this is the same auto-responder we've been using for years. Without it business would be very difficult. Make sure you register for an account.
6. Your Aweber login login username and password - we will need to access your account to create a new list campaign and to upload your auto-responder emails. We do not store these details and you can create a temporary password and username if necessary.
7. Your ClickBank ID - you can sign up at ClickBank.com for a free affiliate account. This will enable you to promote products as an affiliate.
8. Your PayPal Email (And JVZoo ID) - you can sign up for at PayPal.com for a free merchant account. This is so you can accept payments online and promote special affiliate products that pay out 100% commission. Sign up for a JVZoo account to allow you to accept split-payment commissions! That's it!


Secure Your System NOW In 3 Easy Steps!

Step #1
Place Your Order

Simply choose an install service for your needs. You'll then be taken to the PayPal form so you can place your order

Step #2
Submit Your Details

After checkout you'll be redirected to the request form. Simply fill it out so we can setup your system for you

Step #3
Start Making Money!

Once we've setup the entire system, we'll email you with all the details so you can start sending traffic to it right away!


Get Started Today!
Choose your package below...

Option #1
Do It Yourself

Choose this option if you're an experienced marketer and know how to setup your system. Only recommended if you know what you're doing.

Only $197
Save $150 off standard price!

SuperSalesMachine.com - 100% Automated Sales Funnel (Self Setup)

Option #2
Setup For You

Choose this option if you want everything setup, protected and taken care of for you. The ideal choice for beginners who want a hassle-free setup service.

Only $497
Save $300 off standard price!

<b>SuperSalesMachine.com</b> - 100% Automated Sales Funnel (Install Service)

Please Note: You'll be redirected to the JVZoo order form to place your order. You will then be taken to the install request form with further instructions on what you need to provide. Traffic training and other training modules will be provided with your completed setup. If we don't receive an email from you, we'll follow-up with you to make sure we have everything needed. This offer is backed by a 60 day gaurantee. If you somehow don't make a single cent after using this system for 60 days, even with all the traffic training provided you can claim a for a full refund. Please note however that your sales funnel and affiliate links will be disabled. Thank you for your business!


If you're looking for a system that you can work with, adapt, model off, or simply use to start making money from the day it's setup, then you won't be disappointed with this!

This is the same system we've been using for years to generate passive and long-term income online. And whilst there are many other ways to make money online, they fail to stand the test of time like the one in front of you.

Reserve your copy now and have a solid system in place that you can actively promote and have working for you in the background.

Remeber you're standing on the shoulders of giants who already have an established presence online and have spend years putting a powerful system like this in place so YOU can benefit straight away! You don't have to be the little guy who gets left behind anymore!

"I was shocked and surprised at the depth and the size of the sales funnel...Aaron is very detailed and smart"

I was referred by some partners to this offer by Aaron and company. When I had looked it over I was shocked and surprised at the depth and the size of the sales funnel as I was trying to build one myself! When I saw the price and the time saver it would be for me as I usually do everything myself it was a real no brainer! I submitted all my information to the team and viola and less than 24 hours Aaron had me up and running I was amazed truly then I let some people know and immediately I had my first sale. So here I was totally surprised and thought Wow I can really see this working so Im off to get busy letting as many people know about this awesome system that was definitely worth it and more to me and my business. Aaron is very detailed and smart and provides you with everything you need to help grow your list and business. Thanks to Aaron I now have the best sales funnel in town! It is especially good for newbies and even seasoned marketers with no time to spare and it really does offer the customer everything they need to get started with branding the eBooks with a coaching class even. Plus the Traffic training that Aaron includes with the purchase is quality and powerful. Okay I better get to work now I have an awesome Sales Funnel to promote!!!

- Sanoe Fukui

"in less than 2 days and I have received 3 of the following notifications from PayPal: You received a payment of $17.00 USD from.."

Aaron had this set up and traffic ready in less than 2 days and I have received 3 of the following notifications from PayPal: You received a payment of $17.00 USD from... Are there any words that would describe the service Aaron provides in this offer better than the words from PayPal? I don\'t think so! I can only dream of what may come a month or more down the road after sending more traffic to these front-end offers - let alone what will transpire via the list created and the autoresponder offers. Lets forget about the awesome income potential on the surface - and take a deeper look at what is achievable by modeling the sales funnel that will be yours to reproduce on your server. Freakin priceless! Thanks Aaron

- Marie Cruz

"First Time And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!... I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this service."

I recently used Aaron Danker’s service for the first time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The work was completed better and faster than any of the many other methods I’ve tried. In just a couple of days Aaron’s team implemented an entire multi-site system of squeeze pages, auto responder messages, upsells, and cross-sells with all of my own affiliate links as a turn-key system. In my opinion, the number one problem that prevents most Internet marketers from achieving success is the lack of a complete and effective sales funnel. This is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for any Internet Marketer who wants to skip the painful tedious implementation and instead focus on MAKING MONEY FAST. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this service.

- Brock Allen

"I was a little skeptical at first... I am 100% satisfied with the work!"

I was a little skeptical at first, but I always thoroughly evaluate everything prior to me making a purchase just to see if I am getting a fair deal. And let me say I am 100% satisfied with the work that these guys put in and I would highly recommend them. They have been great and have been very responsive to my e-mails from start to finish as far as customer support goes. They really went above and beyond to give great instructions and get my sales funnel up and running. Not only do they talk the talk but they walk the walk! Once again thank you for conducting business professionally and honestly couldn\'t be more happier with my purchase. Best, Matt

- Matthew Trujillo

"1st week 40 signups 1 Sale. Easiest List Building Ever"

I have been marketing on the internet for some time. Most products do not deliver on all their promises. Aaron over delivered.Everything was setup for me, all I had to do was advertise. 1st week 40 signups 1 Sale Now my task is to help my subscribers reach their goals by providing tips and tools to succeed. Very satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing more from Aaron. Thank you Patrick \"Your Connection to the Solution\"

- Patrick Todd

"i was a bit skeptical about throwing out $197 and handing over my personal details, but i quickly forgot about that!"

I jumped in and bought this from aaron and let me tell you that it really is a great system. To start with i was a bit skeptical about throwing out $197 and handing over my personal details, but i quickly forgot about that. The funnel is huge and i know for a fact if you were to do it yourself it would cost a lot more than what he charges not to mention the time spent putting it together. I got it setup in about two days and i am truly impressed. Everything is setup, there is literally nothing to do except drive traffic at it. I am just implementing some traffic methods now and i am sure i will not only see opt-ins but sales on the backend as well. If you are reading through these reviews wondering whether you should buy this system, stop reading and hit the buy button. If you have any questions just shoot me a PM Bottom line - You gotta have this sales funnel

- Mark Barrett

"was told the set-up would take 24 hours... completed by 4pm, a 1.5 hours turn around FANTASTIC"

I paid for the product at around 2.30pm yesterday. I submitted all the required info by 3pm, i was told the set-up would take 24 hours. Low and behold everything was completed by 4pm, a 1.5 hours turn around FANTASTIC service. nb make sure you have all your affiliate id's, domain name pointing to your hosting etc, i'm sure this speeds things up. Now to start promotion, i will report back later. THANK YOU Aaron!

- Shaun Williams

"The Real Deal... I wish I had found him a couple of years and a few $1000s earlier"

Wow. Special message for newbies. Save yourself a couple of years learning plus wasting $1000s. Aaron is the real deal. Not only will he set everything up to work on auto pilot he will go way beyond. Everyone knows that without traffic your dead in the water. Well, he even gives over 10 hours of traffic training. Aaron well over delivers and I wish I had found him a couple of years and a few $1000s earlier. Thanks a lot Aaron!

- John .

"I Saved Weeks, and Hours of Frustration... I hope you continue to create products like this"

Guys, I'm a techie, but I have to saw this "Done-For-You" product absolutely rocks. As a marketer, I really want to focus on getting traffic. If you have Traffic and a good sales funnel you can make money. "Setup My Products" allowed me to add a new sales funnel and be up and running in just a couple of days. This would have taken me weeks of part-time work. I hope you continue to create products like this that allow marketer to easily create and monetize our business. Thanks again, Your Partner Don Shults

- Don Shults

"If Aaron charged $497 for this product it would STILL be absolute Value For Money!"

Aaron you're an absolute 'Genius'. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have been in this game for a lot of years now and NEVER have I come across such a professional well thought out and constructed product and service as this one. Whether you're are a 'Newbie' or an 'Experienced Marketer' you can put this complete 'Done For You' system into action almost INSTANTLY (It was ALL set up for me and ready for me to drive traffic to my squeeze pages in under 24 hours). You simply drive traffic to your pages and let the system do it's auto-MAGIC!! This is an absolutely brilliant way to build that all important list of subscribers (by offering high quality FREE giveaways), build a relationship with them (with the awesome follow up auto-responder series) and also have the opportunity to up-sell, down-sell and OTO them AND... have affiliates earn 100% commission whilst building YOUR list. I could go one forever about the quality and professionalism of this product and all it offers. If you want help building your list or want to earn extra income then do yourself a favor and jump on this opportunity NOW!! If Aaron charged $497 for this product it would STILL be absolute Value For Money. I normally don't do Testimonials but I like giving credit where credit is due... you simply can't go wrong with 'Set Up My Products'. In my first email campaign I made all my investment back (plus more)... added heaps of new subscribers to my list and now have happy affiliates building my list for me also. Simply Brilliant!!

- Murray Whitcombe

"A complete system plus amazing support. The bulk of the work is done for you"

Wow, so quick Aaron. Thank you so much. This is just what I wanted. I don\'t write testimonials very often....and there\'s a good reason for that. Much of the shiny new objects out there in Internet-Marketing-land are just re-hashes by people who make a living by telling other people how to make a living, without actually doing it themselves. This offer is so different from that, it\'s just not true. This is a complete sales funnel, created and set up for you. Sure, you have to do some work like getting traffic but even training for this is included.The bulk of the work is done for you. My website was up and running within a few hours. I had a couple of really minor issues but Aaron fixed these, again within a few hours. I\'m a very satisfied customer.

- Ray Harries

"In The First Hour I Had A Sale For $17!"

I ordered my site last Friday night and my site was up and running Sunday evening which was great considering it was the weekend. I spend about 2 hours trying to just get my head around the whole system and the way it was set up. i'm new to sales funnels and list building so to have a system fully set up and ready to go like this is worth way more than what Aaron is charging. I decided to buy a couple of solo ads just to get the ball rolling while i'm working on driving traffic to my site. My first solo ad started yesterday and in the first hour i had a sale for $17. My list is building slowly i have about 20 people on my list today and i'm still only on my first solo ad. I know at the moment a lot depends on the quality of the solo ads i'm buying so it will just take time to start getting quality traffic. I think this is a great system Aaron is offering here not only is it full set up and ready to go but you have the full blueprints of how a system like this should be set up and that's worth the price alone. I have bought a lot of products and sites and this is the first time i feel like i'm getting real value for my money. I also found Aaron a really nice guy to work it replied to any of my questions in a very short time. Overall 10/10 I hope Aaron brings out more products like this in different niches.

- Patrick

"Way More Complete Than Systems I've Purchased For 3x The Price... This system is easily worth $497+ alone!"

Got mine setup today, and here's my honest opinion.... I'm already someone who's been making a living online, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my sales funnels and am willing to try new things. I tend have a knack for knowing when things won't work and the problem with "gurus" and most "business in a box" products is that you barely get any help after you buy them with very little guidance on how to set things up which eventually leads to failures regardless of great testimonials and results from others. Also, a lot of these products require personal tweaking which can easily make or break your money making career. Now, for the actual review: I've gone over some of Aaron's Squeeze Page system and it's hands down, the most complete list building system I've purchased yet. Even way more complete than systems I've purchased for 3x the price. This is a close to complete as you can get and all you need to do is drive traffic to it without doing any tweaking. Talk about overdelivering! Probably the best thing that Aaron's system contains is an affiliate program that gives your subscribers incentive to promote it and will help build your list on autopilot. Most of the systems I've used have been nothing more than swarming your subscribers with offer after offer, but giving your subscribers a piece of the pie will help them much more than blasting them with offers, so everybody wins! Also, I wanna give a plug for Aaron's extremely useful blog at TipTopMarketer which contains a lot of tips for succeeding at Internet Marketing. I've literally paid $300+ for my past squeeze page and autoresponder systems, but this is a STEAL for the current price of $97. This system is easily worth $497+ alone. I have no doubt that this system will spike up in price pretty soon, so I highly recommend to grab it ASAP! Thanks so much, Aaron!

- Ryan Molina

"This product is worth hundreds of dollars if not THOUSANDS!"

So far my journey to make money on the Internet has been try and fail! I have bought sites, set up hosting sites, bought amazon stores added autoblogs.... The bottom line is I have spent over $1,000. dollars and haven't made a penny! When I saw Aaron's Set up my product sales page I was blown away. I really delved into the material. I read it over and over before I committed because of my prior experiences. After I concluded that it was an amazing opportunity and product I took the leap and I am so glad I did! After I sent all the information to Aaron the site was completed in less than 5 hours! The instructions are excellent! There is a link to every URL and affiliate product and bonus. Not alone does Set Up My Product give you a complete sales system and product but you also get a bonus Traffic generating training program. This product is worth hundreds of dollars if not THOUSANDS! If they create another product directed to another niche tomorrow I will be first in line to buy it! Thank you Aaron and the team of Set up my product I am finally on the road to make money on the Internet.

- Ric Olsen

"Wow what a massive time saver. I'm way ahead of the other members with this"

It would take me a year to do all that work by myself that this package has. I've bought ready made Wordpress sites before that have cost as much and given me way less. I'm in a paid private marketing group and now I'm way ahead of the other members with this. You really have a great deal going here. Thanks Aaron.

- Rod Hamilton

"over 150 new leads in a matter of days!"

I wanted second sales funnel in place but it had to be professional looking and I wanted something that I could get up and running in a very short time and *%$#% if Aaron didn\'t deliver with SetUpMyProducts. Top notch products on both ends of the funnel and because if this, I have been able to bring in over 150 new leads in a matter of days! Thanks to Aaron I was able to save a ton of time and find exactly what I wanted. I\'m very pleased and would highly recommend SetUpMyProduct to anyone.... Both newbies and experienced marketers.

- Anthony McNeil

"These guys simply OVER-Deliver!"

I have been buying Products from many people online before but these guys are simply the best when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE and PRODUCT QUALITY. Seriously. See, I initially gave them a domain name that they uploaded everything onto only for me to change my mind about the domain name I used AFTER they have done an excellent job and delivered the work. However, to my surprise they did not even argue, or ask me to pay any additional costs, before doing the work all over again. Even when I asked what my additional payment will be, they told me not to worry and then they went ahead to deliver an exceptional product too without even any hint of irritation. For this alone I am in love with these guys forever and will gladly buy anything they are promoting. Also, besides the customer service, which I rate #1 above everything I have ever seen, the product itself is just awesome. Prior to buying this product, I was getting overwhelmed about how to get a good product in place, where I can really spend time and money promoting with the assurance that i have a good platform before i ran into this product and it is EXACTLY what I need. ALL THE PHASES OF SALES FUNNEL ARE PERFECTLY SET UP and all I am doing now is driving traffic THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH. Let me know about your other products ASAP!

- Dr Ope Banwo

"Delivery of my completed website within 8 hrs - wow!"

I am new to the Internet Marketing niche - but not new to internet marketing itself! Having already built over 10 websites from scratch in the household products niche, I knew how long it can take to create a site - but having the knowledge to create a killer site in a new niche, that can build a list is a totally different ball game. I knew what I wanted, but didn't have the marketing skill or knowledge in this field. SetUpMyProducts.com was exactly what I needed, and the ongoing service of updating products and email content with latest promotions, was the perfect solution. Now I can just concentrate my time and effort on one task - getting trafic to my new site to take up the great guide offer and build my list. There are so many areas to learn about when it comes to having a successful website - and it can be overwhleming and time consuming. This offer cuts to the chase. The service was fast and accurate. Delivery of my completed website within 8 hrs - wow! Onwards and upwards!

- Steve Paulson

"This system is much more than I expected. Incredible value"

Hi Aaron, This system is much more than I expected. It`s been a long time coming but I am so happy I invested into your product. The price was well worth it. A spit in the bucket, so to speak. I would certainly recommend this system to beginners, experienced marketers, and professionals. The training I have been given has been an eye opening experience. I look forward to future dealings with you. Thanks again for the great work. Kim Gales

- Kim Gales

"compare this system with other building funnel offers... nearest functioning system of this level is offered for about $1,200"

I am experienced online marketer and at the beginning was really skeptic about opportunity to have full range funnel system within couple hours. When I am doing such system by myself it's usually take couple weeks of researching, implementing and testing before the funnel will be able to work and generate income. That's why it was complete shock for me when I have received fully loaded and functioning funnel system within 24 hours. Second pleasant impression I received when start checking and testing system - trying to understand how the funnel works. It's like "dream comes true" - deeper I go into the system - more amazing discoveries I have and learn. This is like an iceberg - what you see on surface is just fraction of entire huge system, existing behind the scene. Clear and advanced methodology of funnel structure, working codes and links on each and every funnel page, exceptional design and graphic - makes this system outstanding and attractive tool for establishing online business. I have opportunity to compare this system with other building funnel offers on market and now believe this is true winner. Not just because of the price - (nearest functioning system of this level is offered for about $1,200), but because of functioning potential that system has. I would like to say thank you to everybody who participate in creating and developing such wonderful, high quality product and will recommend it to everybody who is interested to make money online.

- Alex Zolotov

"this is what I dreamed of and I got it"

dear aaron sometimes these pop up banners can be quite useful and I happen to click on yours and hesitated whether to go for it or regret it later on as technology moves so fast these days that immediate action is required or be left out. since aaron was offering to do everything from A to Z at such an attractive offfer I thought might as well give it a try and I believe I made the right choice by subscribing to setupmyproducts frankly speaking I find it just too difficult to understand computer jargon and if I had to build even a simple website it wud have taken me weeks or months . I have attended many courses in my home country but still nothing beats aaron's offer . if your original offer is usd997 and then cut down to usd97 of course it is too good an offer to pass definitely I want to recommend this system to more people and my personal motto is I only promote what I believe is worth the paid amount and its application and the main driving force for me to go for this system is becos everything would be taken care of by aaron so computer idiots like me can benefit . thank you aaron keep up the good work wish you more success in the future.

- Hozefa Bs Zumkhawala

"This funnel is easily worth 10 times what you're charging!"

Hey Aaron, I wanted to comment on your "Set Up My Products" funnel which I just purchased. The first thought that came to me was, "wow!" Seriously... this is an incredibly well-thought out and well put together funnel. I have to admit... I was a bit skeptical at first. As a direct response consultant, I've helped my clients earn millions of dollars, both online and through the mail. This year, it's my turn to share in the wealth - lol! That said, when I first saw your offer, it seemed almost too good to be true. Still... I've seen you around "the hood" as it were and we have interacted on occasion in the past. You are definitely one of "the good guys" out there in the IM industry. So... I decided to take the plunge. I'm in the process of launching my own funnel and I thought a) why not have another b) let's see what Aaron has put together c) worse case, I take you up on your guarantee. Well... I don't plan on asking for a refund... just opposite. This funnel is a winner. The products are good quality, the email copy is well done and perhaps most importantly, I didn't have to lift a finger to get any of it done. That's pretty damn cool. To create something like this on my own would take hours and hours. I should know... because as I mentioned, I'm in the process of launching my own product funnel. And in fact, it's taking me weeks to pull all the pieces to together. Now, I admit, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But still, I couldn't believe your team had the whole thing "live at five" in less than 72 hours. Hats off to you for putting together an awesome support team! Not only that, but the traffic videos you've provided as a bonus along with the instructions on how to make the most out of the funnel are top notch. This funnel is easily worth 10 times what you're charging if not more. This funnel is great for newbies and more experienced marketers alike... if for no other reason than to get an education in how to create a profit-pulling funnel. That said, for anyone serious about starting a business in the IM niche, or any other niche for that matter, your "Set Up My Products" deal should be a no-brainer. Like you suggest, I plan on putting up a blog at my root domain. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing the cash start rolling in. Thanks again!

- Neal

"seen nothing like this... I made 2 sales in my first day"

Quite frankly I like working smarter, not just harder. I work hard every day but when I got Aaron to set up my products for me it really was fantastic. Basically he over delivers and there are a bunch of products. I have been around for a while and have seen nothing like this. And after all was set up I made 2 sales in my first day. Thanks Aaron

- Ramsay Helps

"Within 1 hour I had two leads and it's been going well ever since."

Set Up My Products is so exciting to have. Within a couple days everything was set up just as you said. I started right away. Within 1 hour I had two leads and it's been going well ever since. It’s a great plan to give something free to potential clients so they will come to trust me – I give them what I say I will. I'm using this as a funnel which will lead to my main biz op. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this Aaron.

- Betty Anne Purdy

"Along came Aaron... I had the feeling I could trust him and I was never disappointed."

I am completly new to internet marketing. First I tried to start without much investment which did not work too well. Thena a friend told me, that I have to invest in order to get something back. So i started to invest and to download everything there was offered. It did not work either. Along came Aaron. From the first mail I had the feeling I could trust him and I was never disappointed. His products helped me a lot to find the \"right\" or a better way. When I found out that creating a squeeze page with all the necessary incredients was to much for me I asked Aaron and his team for help. Within 24 hours I had a terrific looking squeeze page. All I had to do was to answer a few questions. After the installation I still had two questions which were answered by Aaron in a very short time. So again, Thank you Aaron. Heinz

- Heinz Wolek

"Save yourself the whole learning curve and if not years of your time... This one's a no brainer go for it!"

Hi Aaron, I definitely recommend your Setup My Product service to anyone who is planning on starting or building an internet business. You can learn to do it all yourself but you'd be wasting too much of your time in the process. Save yourself the whole learning curve and if not years of your time before you can really actually have your own internet business. I know I have. If you are lost, unsure, don't know where to begin and always procrastinate then Aaron's Setup My Product service is definitely for you. You will have a whole business funnel ready for you to make money in no time. The kind of quality I know would take me forever to learn to build and setup professionally if I were to do it myself. Now the best part is Aaron will continuously tweak the system to be even better so how cool is that! You will have a great system that will make you money and which is always getting better and better and ALL you have to do is bring in the traffic. This takes all the other headaches away and leaves you with only one task to do and that is to drive traffic. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to jump start your online business. This will only accelerate you to make money online that much faster and easier! This one's a no brainer go for it!

- Csivasri .

"Everything Works Perfectly... such technical brilliance"

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I am truly grateful. I just tested the system and everything works perfectly. Frankly, I could have spent another ten years doing IM and still not come up with anything with such technical brilliance. Now all I have to do is add traffic -- and you even tell me how to do it. I will not let you down, Aaron ... I now have no excuse at all not to make the big bucks online. Thank you for letting me have it for $100. If you had priced it at what it really deserves, I would not have been able to afford it. You are the best, Aaron. With much appreciation.

- Saleem .

"It would have taken me weeks to set up something like this"

What a brilliant time saver, it would have taken me weeks (months) to set up something like this and it wouldn't have been a quarter as good. I'm concentrating now on driving traffic knowing that I've got a superb sales funnel in place. I'm really looking forward to the new revisions. Thanks!

- Barry Newton

"Your sales funnel is awesome."

Hi Aaron, I am very happy with the service you provide, everything quickly and professionally. I did not expect all such systems can be used quickly, just less than three days, I already have a great and wonderful system. I hope I will not miss any offers or products that will you give in the future. Your sales funnel is awesome. Thank you very much for your service. I really appreciate it.

- Ruzaimy

"I spent several hours trying to just get my head around the system and the way it was set up!"

I ordered my site last week during the evening and my site was up and running the next afternoon, which was great turnaround considering all that needs to be set up. I spent several hours trying to just get my head around the system and the way it was set up. The instructions page is a great help for getting the birdseye view and understanding of the whole system. I've known about sales funnels and list building, but could never get a whole system integrated and up and running on my own. So to have a system fully set up and ready to go like this is a great base to build on. And certainly at a great price for all you receive. Be sure to check out the links in the welcome email from the setup team, there are several links there leading to some great training and marketing information! I have not bought any ads, I may do that to get the ball rolling, but I already have 2 sign-ups just from organic traffic in just 3 days. It seems Aaron is a good guy to work with. Will be waiting to see how this all progresses!

- Ryan Hunter

"Im absolutely flawed, what you have produced!"

Hi Aaron I wondered after ordering this business in a box whether you would respond back after waiting 2 days for a reply. However, once I opened my email about 4:am this morning, low and behold, my business was ready to go and a complete instructional material to follow through which certainly wasnt difficult to understand after all. Thanks for a great system you have set up for me. Im absolutely flawed, what you have produced. I went through all the benefits that this system is providing on your salespage. It was a lot of reading but could feel the need to go further and start up my own money making business. It certainly is a business in a box set up from start to finish (squeeze page to sequencing of emails). I definately will be encouraging my family to particpate an order their system. I now have a job to do and that is to promote my squeeze page and folow through with the video training you have also delivered. So once again, thanks a million for delivring this system in a timely manner. sincerely, Richard Taputoro

- Richard Taputoro

"This is not the 1st time I've purchased from him and it certainly won't be the last"

I purchased Aaron's product because of his reputation and dedication to quality. PLR is by far one of the most profitable niche's that you can get into and make true money. No hype, all the work is Done For You. Just step in and accept the credit. Aaron supports that by giving you quality products. This is not the 1st time I've purchased from him and it certainly won't be the last. Thanks Aaron, Willie Balthrop

- Willie Balthrop

"You can feel the hand of a professional"

Hi, Aaron. Today I received your report, and was pleasantly surprised seen. This first-class work paralized me on the spot. I have never been able, thanks. I am very happy to work with you. The fact that you have created, it is a masterpiece. You can feel the hand of a professional. Thank you many times. Regards, Vladislav.

- Vladislav Sitnikov


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