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If you're looking for the all-in-one solution that gives you the ability to copy an email, send it out to your list and sell your own products with MINIMAL effort then read every word on this page.

No matter how difficult you think internet marketing is... we have the ULTIMATE solution that will have you making sales and collecting payments to your PayPal account within a matter of days!

It's No Secret That YOU Can Make A Fortune Selling Your Own Products!

Yes you can make some good money as an affiliate, but the REAL money is in selling YOUR OWN products and keeping 100% of the profit.

The only problem is that product creation is down-right HARD and EXPENSIVE and if you don't have the techie or marketing skills, it's almost impossible. But worry not, because this is where the tables are turned!


“I Mean How Hard Can It Be?”

The formula to making online is actually pretty simple. Simple but by no means easy. Choose a niche, find out what people want, build a list prospects, create a product solution, and sell it to your list. Easy right? Yes it sounds good on paper but in the real world it ends up looking more like this...


Information Overload’ Is Your #1 Enemy!

In fact after pulling the data from one of my online surveys it was becoming blatantly obvious!

Information overload was the main reason why YOU are not progressing any further. ‘Trying to do everything at once’ along with ‘not knowing where to start’ and ‘starting but not finishing’ along with ‘lacking skills’ and ‘lacking knowledge’ were also high on the list.

The next problem is trying to do everything at once. Again this will get you no where because you can't focus your energy into getting one thing done right and then moving onto the next phase. There is a logical order in which you must do things.

It’s clearly not about the information you already know, but how to implement it step-by-step, in a logical order whilst staying focus on the big picture so you actually end up with a real business.

Look at the results closer and you'll see that everything is holding YOU back right down to your own self-doubt and beliefs.

I left a space for my survey participants to leave a comment below the survey and this is just some of the many things they said...

Clearly a lack of focus and guidance is the only thing standing in the way between you and a successful online business!

It’s clearly not about the information you already know, but putting it into practice and seeing it through to the end. There has to be an easier way that allows you to skip the hard part and jump straight into the action to see results like this...


Here's Proof That $392.50, $634.25 Even $720.35 A Day Is Possible Selling Low-Cost Video Training Products!

Imagine for one second your PayPal account looking like this. Imagine having people buying YOUR products from you EVERY DAY whenever you send out an email!

Imagine making 100s per day like clockwork and making withdrawals from your account every day.

With the right products and setup in place this could easily be YOUR account. These results are easily replicable.


3 Real World Examples That Generated $743.35, $1076.14, Even $1923.87 In Sales!

Let me share with you 3 real-world case studies where I was able to pull in as much as $1,923.87 in sales within a matter of days just by selling cheap video tutorials!

Case Study #1 - Free Cash Generator 74 sales - $743.35 in sales

Case Study #2 - Affiliate Startup Mechanic 153 sales - $1,076.14 In Sales

Case Study #3 - Sales Funnel Secrets 265 sales - $1,923.87 In Sales

Now you can take the long route and create your products from scratch, sell unique products of your own and hope for the best ...or you could invest in private label products or resell rights products, re-brand them as your own and launch them to the marketplace which still takes time...

...or you could just skip all the hurdles and let us do EVERYTHING for you!

Introducing... The Super Sales Machine Super Empire!

95x Products Setup & Installed On Your FTP Server Ready To Collect $10-27 PayPal Payments Within 72 Hours Or Less!

These are the same products we've used to generate 4-figure paydays with our own mailing list. We KNOW these products sell because we're selling them now individually and collecting more sales as you're reading this.

These products are hot and contain timeless information and valuable content that will always be in demand in the internet marketing sphere.

Everything is taken care of for you from product creation, graphic design, sales letter writing, sales videos, mini-site creation, thank-you pages, protected download links, email writing, plus so much more!

Check out the entire range of products we'll install for you!...

Super Sales Machine ‘How To’ Series & Firesale Blowout


Super Sales Machine Internet Marketing Empire


Super Sales Machine Master Reseller Empire


Super Sales Machine List Traffic & Sales Empire


Super Sales Machine Mindset, Health & Finess Empire


super BONUS! Super Sales Machine eBook Empire

50x eBook Products Rebranded & Installed For You Ready To Collect Low-Risk $7 Payments To Your PayPal Account & Earn You Backend ClickBank Commissions!


Wow! What A Deal! But Wait It Gets Even Better!...

Easy To Use Admin Center Now Included! A $497 Value!

Ever bought a product in the past and completely forgot about it and had no idea how to get it back? With your very own admin system you'll have all your products located under one roof! You'll know exactly what's installed, where they're installed, what the download links are, what emails to send out, and in what order plus so much more! Everything is laid out perfectly ready for you to start making cash right away!


Plus Over 40 Hours Of Intensive Training Provided! A $997 Value!

We've included only the most important things you need to know to succeed online. There's a total of just over 44 hours of essential training covering everything from using Aweber, GetResponse, email marketing, list building, copywriting, setting up reseller products, creating your own products plus so much more. These courses sell seperately but you'll receive free as part of your setup service!


Your Biggest Problem ‘Product Creation’ Is Now SOLVED!

This is truly the BIGGEST 'done for you' solution you'll ever come across. Period. This your chance to skip one of the biggest hurdles you'll ever face online and copy what already works for instant success!

This is so much more than just another 'business-in-a-box'. Not only are you getting your hands on 10 instant businesses, but you're also getting the luxury of having every single one setup for you from start to finish. No other 'done for you' service even comes close!

Here's What We'll Do For You!

Personalize Your Sites

Install Our Smart Scripts

Add Your Affiliate Links

We personalize the system to match your details - this includes your name on the sales page of every product as well as your support email address on the footer of every page including the download pages of your products and an up-to-date disclaimer on the footer of every page matching your domain name. We add our own profit-pulling javascript, CSS, and PHP code that we use ourselves to your system! This includes unblockable exit pop-ups that redirect to affiliate offers, disabling right-clicking, disabling mouse click and drag, protect files, dynamically loading pages, secure download links and more! We embed your affiliate IDs into your thank-you pages for cross-sells - 'thank you' pages are prime locations for cross-selling which is where many beginners leave money on the table. With our help we'll strategically place compelling offers that get your visitors and customers clicking and buying!

Create All PayPal Buttons

Prepare Emails For You

Upload Files To Your Server




We create PayPal payment buttons - PayPal buttons are a chore and tedious to create but with our help we can set that up for you. We take your PayPal email address and create payment buttons for each product you'll be selling. More payment buttons and more offers means more steams of income for you! We embed and personalize our sales-crunching emails into your admin system with your name and sales page link all integrated. All you have to do is click the copy button and load it straight into your auto-responder for instant sales! No writing or editing required! We upload the system to your server - All sites are carefully uploaded to your server whilst gigabtyes of products are hosted on our fast and reliable Amazon S3 servers. No matter how much traffic you send to the system, it'll still be able to sustain the pressure and run smoothly!

Check The System Works

Activate Training Modules

Notify You When Done

We verify that the system is working - No one likes to be sent to broken links, nor do they like to click on 'buy now' buttons that don't work or get taken to a 404 error page which is why we manually check the system to ensure everything works. We provide you with traffic training and instructions - Your system is now setup and ready to roll! All you need now is to send traffic to the starting point. To help you with this, you'll be provided online access to training videos so you'll know exactly what to do from here onwards. We email you when it's done - After we're happy with everything, we send you an email with all the information you need. This includes all sales pages, access links, login information and more. You're now ready to rock and roll!

Wow! That's $9,215 Worth Of Real World Services DONE FOR YOU!

Remember this number doesn't even reflect the total costs involved in creating these hot-selling products. This alone will set you back well over $30k, not to mention months of development time!

Stop and think about what you're really getting. This is more than just products installed on your server. You're leveraging all the skills, techniques and years marketing experience from someone who has already been there and done that.

Not only are you getting the rights to sell them as your own, but getting EVERYTHING installed and professionally setup for you for one low investment. The bar has been raised yet the entry for startup has been lowered!

It's never been easier to sell your own products and finally make money online! And to really seal the deal...


Your Investment Is Fully Backed By A 3x Triple-Buster 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We're really excited to present this unique opportunity to you. It's going to be game-changer which is why we're giving you a 3-in-1 guarantee. Here's the deal...

Guarantee #1 - You will not find a better line of products to this high standard of quality with a complete setup service for this price. Period. If you do, we'll refund you in full and pay you another $100.

Guarantee #2 - You will have everything setup for you within 7 days or less from the time you fill in your submission form. Assuming we can log into your FTP account and you have set up your domain correctly so it can be displayed online we'll have your entire project completed within 7 days or your money back and you still get to keep the system.

Guarantee #3 - If you don't make a single sale or affiliate commission even after going through the 40+ hours of video training and after sending at least 100 qualified visitors to any one of your sites we'll refund you in full and you still get to keep the system!


We're so confident in our Super Sales Machine Empire that we're willing to put all the risk on us. You've got 3 guarantees in place all stacked up in your favour. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and so much profit to gain! Secure your Empire now and we'll get this setup for you right away!



Here's What We Need From You

Web Hosting
Registered Domain
FTP Login
You'll need a hosting account preferably with Hostmonster, Bluehost, JustHost with the latest version of cPanel. You'll need to register just one domain name either as your main domain or add-on domain. We'll need your FTP server, username and password to log into your server to upload files.
PayPal Account
JVZoo Account
ClickBank Account
You'll need to register for a business or premier account PayPal account. We will only need your PayPal email address. You will to register for a JVZoo seller account and link it to your PayPal account. We will only need your 6-digital referral ID. You will need to register for a ClickBank affiliate account. We will only need your ClickBank nickname. Be sure it only contains letters - no numbers.


That's It! After checkout you'll be prompted to fill in a simple form to enter all your details.

Once we have everything and can sucessfully log into your server we'll have everything setup for you within 7 days or less! Our system will even check that you've enter the correct FTP details so you can't go wrong!

Yes that's an entire line of 95 products all done for you with full training and a complete admin center to so you can launch your products whenever you're ready!


This service has been made exclusively for YOU. We will continue to stuff $1000s into our PayPal, JVZoo, Stripe & ClickBank accounts day after day, week after week, month after month whether you feel like investing or not!

You're on this page for a reason, and its not just to hear me go on and on about how much I make - it's about how much YOU can make and what difference it'll make to YOUR life.

You're not just getting a done for you system, you're saying 'YES' to follow in my footsteps. You want to COPY what already works without reinventing the wheel in the FASTEST time possible with the LEAST amount of effort.

So whatever decision you make now, is a decision for yourself.

You can carry on looking for the next fantastic, over-hyped 'system' that promises overnight riches (yeah right), or you can COPY exactly what I'm doing - and will CONTINUE to do for years to come, to bring in a REAL and STABLE long-lasting income.

Click on the order button below, and we'll get this Empire setup for your asap.

Get Your 95x Product Super Empire Setup For You Now!

95 best-selling products setup for you. Includes site personalization, 95 PayPal payment buttons, back-end affiliate links, profit scripts, download page protection and more. (A $9,215 value!)

Protected admin area with all the product links and emails at your fingertips. Easy access to all your products and prepared emails ready to send out right away! (A $497 value!)

40+ hours of video training covering traffic genration, list building, email marketing, product creation, copy-writing and more! (A $997 value!)

Priority support and lifetime updates! You'll receive full support and attention from myself and my team including heads-up on the latest releases and customer-only discounts. (Priceless!)

60-day guarantee! Due to the size and complexity of this Empire you'll receive a 60 day guarantee! Plenty of time for you to turn a profit multiple times over!

Grand Total $10,709!
Normal Price $1997
Only $997

Today's Discount Price...

ACT NOW To Secure Your Bonuses & Guarantee Super Fast 72-Hour Delivery Time!

Internet Security Notice: After clicking the payment button you will be redirected to the ClickBank order form which uses the latest industry-Leading Encryption Technology (SSL). After payment you will have the option to customize your order. When complete you will be redirected to the members area and a backup email containing the access link will also be sent to you. All purchases are fully backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you may contact our friendly support staff at any time for support and assistance.

5 Star Reviews From Our Customers!

"Already made 2 sales just by sending email to Small list of 120 people... Nobody Compares With The Quality Of The Work!"

I was so impressed with the work that they did for me be setting up my website with different products that are just fantastic sellers. I've tried lots of different programs and companies for setting up my website and nobody... I mean nobody compares with the work and the quality of the work from the Super Sales Machine. From the time Aaron first sent me the first email to the time he sent me the final email with everything all setup... graphics, OTO pages, PayPal buttons, redirects... everything was only 24 hours.

Just a few days ago I already made 2 sales just by sending out an email to my small list of 120 people. So if you have a large list or are building one, if you think you need some help like I did, then I would go to Super Sales Machine so you can start making sales. These guys get a big thumbs up as far as I'm concerned, a 5-star rating!

Brian Elliott

"It Would Have Taken Me More Than 3 Days If I Were To All The Work Myself... I Trust Aaron Because He Knows What He's Doing!"

As you may have guessed I love to share my faith as well as my entrepreneurial spirit. I started my online journey about 8 years ago. I've had some hit and missed, but mostly misses until I ran into Aaron and his products. I became an affiliate of his and made several commissions.

Needless to say I trust Aaron because his knows what he's doing and that's why I decided to let him and his team setup my products. Everything was installed on time as promised in under 3 days. Although I've been online for the past 8 years I'm not at all that tech savvy. I'm pretty sure it would have taken me more than 3 days if I was to do all the work myself. Aaron's products have saved me both time and money and I don't hesitate to recommend them to anyone just starting out!

Terry Phong

"Aaron Has Put Together A COMPLETE Business System... You owe it to yourself to check this out!"

I first got interested in Aaron's install service after I saw the depth of the system he installs and the glowing reviews. I have found Aaron to be a man of his word who provides an excellent service at an extremely reasonable price. Aaron also provides a lot of awesome bonus material and when there is an occasional issue he addresses it promptly and professionally. Super Sales Machine is just that a machine with every component installed and customized just for you. You owe it to yourself to check this out!

Mark Watkins

"At first I thought $97 sounds like a lot of money but what it would cost to do it myself and the time... it's a steal"

I'm very happy to say that I found and discovered the Super Sales Machine. I've spent quite a few years dabbling online with some success but find it very difficult to do the techie side of things and get everything working together. All I can say at the moment is that I'm very happy with what I've received. It was setup for me very quickly.

I had a friend who was getting a site setup and it took her business about a year. This was setup in days and everything's integrated and working well together so I see a lot of potential for the future. It saved me a lot of frustration from setting this up myself, in fact I don't think technically I could set this up myself. I don't think I would have the patience for one thing so it's very cost-effective. At first I thought $97 sounds like a lot of money but what it would cost to do it myself and the time... it's a steal. It's got a good support system I can email any day I want so that's wonderful. It's got a sales funnel... again I'm not quite sure how to set those up myself... but it's all setup for me. So it's saved me a lot of time, a lot of money and the think I like is that it's quality products. I've set things up myself and I've always thought 'is that really good enough, does that sound good enough, the sales page I've written. All I can say is that the items from Aaron are quality items that I'm happy to have out there and put my name to because they just look good and I have already explored them myself and they are good items.

I would encourage you if you're sitting on the fence, if you haven't entered this type of business and are thinking about it, believe me you will save yourself. It's a great saving financially, time-wise, emotionally and very cost-effective and I don't say that lightly after a number of years of wasting money. Thanks guys at Super Sales Machine for setting me up and I look forward to it being successful.

Paul Cummings

"Really Impressed With The Service & The Quality Of Materials!"

I got the 7 eBooks a little while back and with some solo ads was able to make some money online with that and was really impressed with the service and the quality of the materials and the fact that they were actually working so I went back and bought some more... looking forward to making some good money. Thank you Aaron and I highly recommend it!

David Smallman

"Always been impressed whenever Aaron releases a new product!"

I have always been impressed whenever Aaron releases a new product. The effort put in shows in the quality of the product. I have one other of Aaron's products which lead me to make this purchase without a second thought. I have seen his other products online, but due to medical cost issues, did not have the needed funds. Empire should alleviate that shortcoming in my disability pension. Anyone in doubt or having second thoughts - don't!

Richard Bennett

"I've never known him to produce anything other than "quality" product"

I've been hanging around with Aaron since back in 2009! That should tell you something, right there. The fact that he could keep my interest and loyalty for that long is a feat within and of itself. When I saw this package.. well, I just couldn't resist. I am pretty advanced and have my own products on the market, (and selling), already and this package will compliment my offerings quite nicely. I have pretty big plans for this package.

The ONLY reason I even think about adding Aaron's stuff to my offerings is because I've never known him to produce anything other than "quality" product. I can comfortably place my name beside his and not feel like I need to recreate the wheel. I can relax a LOT more when I incorporate his stuff. So, if you're on the fence.. get off of it.. get into it... drop the fear and get with it! Half your battle is already won when you use Aaron's products.

Peace, Love & Prosperity

"In 72 hours exactly I had my website running, very well customized and organized ready to go and collect cash"

I'm a newbie just discovering the world of Internet Marketing, however, I do not have any idea about this. In the last few months, I was overwhelmed with a lot of information. I was lost, where and how to start. Then, I get in touch with Super Sale Machine, and decided to invest in theVideos and Ebooks, It was amazing in 72 hours exactly I had my website running, very well customized and organized ready to go and collect cash into my PayPal built in buy button. And when I saw this quick and amazing service I decide and I give them a fully trusted team to build my membership sites. I'm very excited about this project to get the ball rolling and live the lifestyle I was always looking for. Thank you Aaron keep it up brother, you are the best.

Sahbi Cherigui

"They did the hard work and all I did was sit back... There is no one in the business that does anything like this!"

The team at Super Sales Machine is one of a kind! They deliver more than they advertise and follow up with perfect customer support. I am very impressed with the level of expertise, patience, concern, care and effort that they show me. I recommend them without reservation!

They deliver a "Done for You" product that is not to be outdone. Superior product, superior service and superior support. There is no one in the business that does anything like this. It fits the "newbie" and the experienced Internet marketer.

Their effort was a quick, easy and painless solution to having my own product to sell and not worry about the whole process of creating one in the first place? I could not be happier and will continue to purchase and rely on them for future products and a business relationship. They did the hard work and all I did was sit back and benefit from their superior service. Thank you!

Mark Zupo

"I never bought a system like this before... I could not have created It myself... was worth way more then the price I payed"

I want to thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job installing and setting up my system, I was very impressed It met all my expectations and beyond. Im a newbie to Internet marketing and when I first saw the offer I was a little shocked, an offer like this only happens once in a great while and I said to myself "If I cant make money with this I need to get out of the game". I bought the system right away, because I knew I could not have created It myself. It was installed in 72 hrs or less just as you said, and was worth way more then the price I payed. The admin and navigation system Is very easy to use. The training that you provide Is sufficient enough to get you started. And customer service was great. I never bought a system like this before. And I recommend this system to every one thats been trying to make money online. Thank You.

Mary Cooper

"I could not be happier... Thanks guys you're the best"

As internet marketers we are often told to be a product developer and to created a product. I really wanted to start somthing that I could get my teeth into. I was thrilled to come across this. I love selling IM tools online and I especially love these sites. If you really want to make a consistent Income online, you really must have multiple sites and especially one that allows you to sell something internet marketers need. I went for the 'Licencing Rights, Full Set up For You' package and I could not be happier. Thanks guys you're the best. I look forward to a bright and prosperious future with you.

Henry Webster

"Gives me inspiration to come up with many designs of my own"

I was very impressed with the HIGH QUALITY of the graphics and I am sure that anyone considering to buy will be pleased they did as even just having the graphics gives me inspiration to come up with many designs of my own and could not recommend them enough to anyone and I will be back for more myself, so thanks guys

Albert F A Matthews

"Aaron is very detailed and smart and provides you with everything you need to help grow your list and business"

When I saw the price and the time saver it would be for me as I usually do everything myself it was a real no brainer! I submitted all my information to the team and viola and less than 24 hours had me up and running I was amazed truly then I let some people know and immediately I had my first sale. So here I was totally surprised and thought wow I can really see this working so I'm off to get busy letting as many people know about this awesome system that was definitely worth it and more to me and my business. Aaron is very detailed and smart and provides you with everything you need to help grow your list and business. Thanks to Aaron I now have the best sales funnel in town! It is especially good for newbies and even seasoned marketers with no time to spare and it really does offer the customer everything they need to get started. Plus the traffic training is quality and powerful. Okay I better get to work now I have an awesome product to promote!!!

Sanoe Fukui

"I tried for years and spent 10 times the purchase price... Now My first ever paying customer!"

Really happy, this looked hot from the beginning and Aaron and his team have never failed to deliver, I have purchased all of the Super Sales Funnel packages and now I own the most amazing online business, fully set up and running, the funnels work perfectly, emails are delivering subscribers and my first ever paying customer. I tried for years and spent 10 times he purchase price trying to get close to what I now have. Save yourself years of struggling and wasting your money on possibilities that don't deliver, be set up in your own Top Level Internet Business by tomorrow! Thank You Super Sales Machine Team for delivering the No. 1 internet marketing system online today by far!!

Robert Skilbeck

"I cannot believe how fast they set up everything and the customer support is off the hook!"

I just purchased the Super Sales machine 20x products and set up service this afternoon. A few hours later I received my Admin information and set up was complete! I cannot believe how fast they set up everything and the customer support is off the hook! The Admin Dash board is so easy and super professional and all is set up on my own domain! I can't wait to start driving traffic and making sales with my new professional Super Sales machine! I now have 20 products I can sell as my own and profit 100%! I 100% recommend this service to anyone looking to make money online with digital products and want everything done for you super fast! Thanks Aaron!

Shane Purcell

"Set up and running faster than anyone else... my list has grown faster than it has in the past few months"

I'm a newbie to the internet marketing game and it is not as easy as it was for me in the offline world. Until I got this Super Sales Machine I thought I would never have a website for the cost of getting one set up and it would take me months to get the money. It was set up and running faster than anyone else said that it would be and I was able to get my FIRST BLOG POST done as well. In a 24hr period my list has grown faster than it has in the past few months I'm really blessed to have been guided to this program. I have gotten my hopes back.

Russell Plucker

"I am extremely impressed to say the least.... It was more than I could have imagined!"

I had been looking to start my online business but looking at hiring someone to do my pages was a daunting task just to think about. Then I came across Aaron's information and I am extremely impressed to say the least. It was more than I could have imagined once I purchased and I am more than happy that I found this program. I can't say enough about it.

Elexis Wilson

"The first impression leaves a lasting impression"

I've been with Aaron for nearly six years now. The first impression leaves a lasting impression. Aaron's graphics on sales pages etc... have always had the appearance of being bright and cheerful. They have always made me feel that I can trust his offers even if I have been unable to purchase a product at the time. This isn't the first product I have purchased. I purchased several from Aaron in the past and I haven't had any issues with them. Plus they have the same happy and 'feel good' graphics that he himself uses.

His set-up service has always been prompt with any questions being answered as quickly as possible which shows that he and his colleagues aren't only dedicated to sales but also to after sales service. I have dealt with a lot of marketers and Aaron would be at the top of the list by showing appreciation to me by keeping in touch with me by sending me the occasional free gift and keeping me and I would imagine everyone he deals with 'in the loop' with up to date products. Unfortunately, a large number of marketers only make contact when they wish to make a sale.

I would be very surprised if both newbies and experienced marketers alike couldn't learn from or gain satisfaction from his products which, I might add, are up to date :) I am confident that his latest membership offering will be to my advantage. Keep up the good work Aaron :) an A+ from me.

Donald Pitts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. “I'm Completely New Online Is This For Me?”

Yes absolutely. This service was designed specifically for beginners even if you've just started today. This is an all-in-one solution that will have you selling your own products without having to go through the long and difficult and even costly process of creating and setting them up yourself! Even if you're more experienced, these products will supplement your existing income.

Q. “What do you need from me?”

You'll need web hosting, a single domain name, a PayPal business or premier account, a JVZoo account connected to your PayPal account, and finally a ClickBank account. From this we'll need your FTP login details, your PayPal email address, your JVZoo 6-digit ID number, and your ClickBank nickname. Our system will even check that you've enter the correct FTP details so you can't go wrong! From there you can let us take care of the rest.

Q. “How Many Domain Names Do I Need?”

You only need 1 domain name preferably with a .com extension, without hypens and one that's easy to remember. Our team will then install the individual products in sub-folders so everything is housed under one roof. This saves you 100s a year on domain names and keeps your business very organized.

Q. “Do I Need A Blog Or Squeeze Page?”

Because your products are install in sub-folders there will be room for you to install a blog or squeeze page on your main domain. From there you can build your list or post content on your blog. So for example if you wanted to promote Teach Me How, you'd promote this link:
You can promote any of your products by listing them in the sidebar of your blog or by posting an article related to the subject and linking to your product.

Q. “Do you setup my Aweber/GetRepsonse Account?”

Currently this Empire does not include setup your of Aweber or GetResponse account or any other autoresponder account you may be signed up with. From past experience we found that this complicates matters and only increases the waiting time and cost of your setup. In future this level of service will be available but at a different price point.

Q. “How do I promote my products? Do you provide training?”

You'll be provided with over 10 hours of advance traffic training alone to help you promote all your products. Whilst you can send traffic directly to your offer, we recommend that you direct your traffic to a squeeze page first. This will allow you to build your list so in turn you can promote multiple offers to one person over time.

Q. “Will I need a list of my own?”

Whilst a mailing list is not necessary it's highly recommended. You can promote your products directly from free and paid traffic sources however we suggest that you learn to direct traffic to your squeeze page to build a list. From there you can send out broadcast emails to promote your products or line them up in your auto-responder sequence to automate the process. Step-by-step instructions on how to use Aweber and GetResponse are provided so you won't have a problem doing this.

Q. “Do I get a report of everything that's installed?”

Better than a report, you get a full admin interface that allows you to see exactly what's installed, the location of the sales pages, what the download access links are, the swipe emails you can use, plus so much more. We've made it so easy to use, you'll understand it right away and will love it!

Q. “Are my products protected?”

Whilst it's actually impossible to fully protect all your product content, we have put measures into place to make it very difficult for someone to copy or steal your websites. For example no one can hot-link directly to your product files. Your download page is only accessible with the correct access key. Your PayPal payment buttons cannot be hacked and by-passed and we've ensured that your sales videos cannot be copied and will only load on your domain.

Q. “Are there any recurring fees?”

No there are no recurring fees. However when the price increases there will be a split-pay option which will require 3 monthly payments.

Q. “Are there any up-sells?”

This Empire is complete by itself and you can achieve results as shown in the screenshots, if not better. There is an option to add up-sells to every one of your products which will allow you double your transactions with every customer and significantly increase your sales. Full details about this are available after checkout.

Q. “What is the guarantee?”

This Empire is backed by a full year guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to navigate your way around the admin system, go through the 40+ hour intensive training program, build your list, send out the pre-written emails, test out your products, make money with them, and get a good feel for internet marketing. If you're still not satisfied we'll refund in you full and close your account for you. Please also refer to our 3x guarantee for more details.

Q. “How long will this take?”

As you can appreciate, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make this possible, not just on your side, but our side as well. Please allow up to 7 working days before you receive a completion email.

Q. “Okay I'm ready, what now?”

Great! All that's left is to place your order and fill in the submission form. From there our team will get to work on your system and email you as soon as it's done.


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